Courses & Programs

Check out some of the courses & programs we offer at No Flipping Excuses. Just click on the “Learn More” button under any program to learn more about the course.

Direct Deal Profits

The Direct Deal Profits training program gives you the strategies required for finding, financing, and flipping deeply discounted off-market properties. From lesson one to lesson thirty-three gain valuable insights needed for seeing the results you desire within a short period.

Liquidate The Estate

Inside this section, you'll find complete access to all Liquidate The Estate Quick Cash system training lessons. Each lesson comes with documents you can download and start using immediately. Upon completion of each lesson, you'll be given a quiz to help you.

Government Foreclosure Profits

The Government Foreclosure Profits system provides a step-by-step proven plan for finding, bidding, and flipping on properties that create massive profit spreads. By following the tried-and-true bidding percentages that are needed on 2-bedroom...

Distressed Property Riches

The Distressed Property Riches training program is designed with a step-by-step formula for helping you find deals currently available that can be flipped quickly. The blueprint taught within this training program was designed with the purpose of helping you locate, find, and contract properties...

Private Money Profits

The Private Money Profits is designed to help you with a proven step-by-step plan for raising acquisition capital within a short period. Within the training program, you'll know exactly where to find key professionals that have capital that they could lend for your next deals...