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Saturday July 28, 2018

10 A.M.


5500 West Bradbury Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46241 USA

If you live in the Indianapolis area and have any interest at all in real estate as a path to wealth….

This will be the most important web-page you ever read.

Here’s why:

My name is Jason Lucchesi and for the last two decades, I’ve made a fortune investing in real estate throughout Indianapolis.

I started building my own system based on the things that buyers and sellers needed, NOT what the real estate companies needed and I also figured out ways that didn't require my own money and with no credit whatsoever...And if you keep reading this short web-page, I’ll show you how you can learn too.

At this FREE Real Estate Wealth Seminar You’ll Discover:

  • How to use other people’s money to fund your deals – even if you’re a complete beginner. And YES – you can do it without your credit factoring into the equation!    
  •  My secrets on accumulating a portfolio of rental properties in record time – and have someone else manage them for you! I’ll show you how I did, it step-by-step.                          
  •  The single, fastest path to making a full-time income from real estate – so you can quit your day job as soon as possible!     
  •  Detailed strategies for flipping homes in minimum time and for maximum profits.              
  •  The secrets of leveraging your self-directed retirement accounts – like an IRA – to fund your own deals and give you tax free profits! Most investors have no clue you can do this, let alone how to do it right.

You get ALL this for FREE at my upcoming seminar. 

Overcoming Incredible odds,

From Wal-Mart To The NFL

Real People - Real Deals

"I followed Jason's advice and have built up a sizeable LinkedIn network, I've been able to find all kinds of people to work with nationwide which I could have never accomplished without it. It gives me a ready-made network of people I can tap into as needed. Thanks, Jason for showing me and all of your students this phenomenal resource and how to use it."

Lill G., Wasilla, AK

"I started receiving exclusive off-market packages and cash buyers almost immediately! On my first package deal I made a net profit of $88,000, with no prior experience flipping package deals."

Michael G., Newburgh, IN

"Within a few short weeks of going through the program, I was able to secure a deal that made me a net profit of $43,220! I'm now working on several other off-market deals and building my pipeline!"

Justin F., Nashville, TN

"Within my first 45 days, I was able to line up deals that none of the competition knew about, as well as a heap of motivated cash buyers! Getting involved with this program has been one of the best investments I've made in my business. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!"

Lisa W., St. Petersburg, FL

"I started with Jason's program, I listened to everything he told me to do, and within my first 45 days, I closed 3 days that brought me a net profit of $42,000. I never had a dime of money in any of the transactions and didn't have to worry about my credit being pulled. Everything was just so easy!! I highly recommend working with Jason and his team."

Scott H., McKinney, TX

You'll See More REAL Indiana Deals at the LIVE Workshop!

Why Is This Event FREE?

There's THREE Reasons:

Reason #1: I love the real estate business and I love Indianapolis. 

I believe real estate investing is an amazing way to help locals create wealth, but ALSO, restore our communities. Real estate investors find distressed properties and turn them into quality homes for families who need them. This benefits everyone!

Reason #2: There are a lot of MYTHS about real estate from people who don't know our market!

Did you know there are "TV Gurus" traveling around the country teaching real estate but know nothing about our market here in Indianapolis! You MUST know the LOCAL market to successfully sell in it.

I invest RIGHT HERE and so do my clients and partners. We know this region of Indiana and the RIGHT WAY to invest here!

Reason #3: I LOVE coaching people!

I love coaching and helping people succeed. Not everyone could afford to go to college, but I can teach people how to get an MBA (a Massive Bank Account).

The obvious answer is to start teaching people how I’ve done so well with real estate. So that’s what I’m doing.

All that said, use the button below to lock-in your seat right now while there’s still room left...

I look forward to seeing you at the seminar!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you putting on this seminar? Aren’t you afraid of competition?

A: Everyone you know has to have a place to live, so how can the market ever be too competitive? Besides, I get a real thrill out of seeing others succeed and being a part of why they succeeded. That’s why I’m putting on this seminar. And competition doesn’t bother me. For one, the real estate market is a trillion dollar industry. The tactics I use can be used anywhere, not just in the Indianapolis area. And second, my businesses already provides me with the cash flow I need to maintain my lifestyle…and what’s more, I currently run three other businesses I started with the money I made from real estate. So I’m doing well. But the one thing that’s missing is that I love coaching and seeing others succeed.

Q: Can I bring a guest?

A: I have no problem with this at all. In fact, it might be a great idea. Real estate can be better with a partner! But be sure this is someone who won’t discourage you from taking action. Negative people can kill motivation faster than anything.

Q: How much money can I make and how soon can I make it?

A: In my first two months, I made $10,000. Now, I’m not saying you will for sure do this. But yes, it IS possible using the techniques I will show you.

A lot of it depends on you! Over the years, I’ve taught friends and family what I know...and very few actually take action on it. It’s fear of failure – plain and simple. It’s one of the biggest roadblocks new investors face. At the seminar, I’ll talk about how you can get over this.

About Jason

Jason Lucchesi founded real estate investing company, Global Fortune Solutions, in the year 2008. Jason has been enjoying a successful career in the real estate industry since 2002 where he started as a Loan Officer for Illinois brokerage, Bancgroup Mortgage. In 2004, Jason joined the Management team at Countrywide Home Loans, which was the nation’s #1 lender. In 2008, Jason established his own company to pursue his dream of being a full-time entrepreneur and business owner.

Over the past several years as a real estate investor, Jason’s interests have been:

  • Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring
  • Working directly with Hedge Funds, Banks, Private Equity Firms and Private Sellers
  • Pre-Foreclosures and Foreclosures, HUD and Government Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs
  • Non-Performing Notes and Performing Notes
  • Bulk Packages: Notes, Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Wholesaling Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Rehabs
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Income Producing Properties
  • Lease Options
  • Self-Storage Facilities
Jason has been married to his wonderful wife, Jamie, for 8 years, and they are proud parents to three children, Brady (age 8), Gavin (age 6), and Cordelia (19 months).

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